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Tune in to the Wings for Life World Run playlist

It’s only a few weeks to go until the Wings for Life World Run 2019 and, as many of you fine-tune your final preparations, what better way to lift you than the best running music out there.

We asked the Wings for Life World Run community to vote for their favourite listening when training or on race day itself at 11am UTC on Sunday, May 5, and we’ve come up with the ultimate playlist for the job at hand.

A convincing No1 was Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now, while other pick-me-up songs to feature highly among your musical votes were Survivor’s Eye Of the Tiger and, fittingly perhaps, Run Wild by Laney Jones plus Iron Maiden’s Run To The Hills.

Have a look below at the Wings for Life World Run playlist on Spotify and see which other songs motivate the community to get running.

Plus, there’s scientific evidence out there to show that music – whether that’s in training or inspiring you on the run itself – can actually aid your cause as you pound the streets.

Nearly two-thirds of runners like listening to music when running and songs have been scientifically proven to reduce your perception of how hard running is. The suggestion is that music lifts your positivity while also diminishing your negative outlook such as in terms of tension and fatigue.

So, get inspired to push yourself faster and further with the ultimate running playlist as voted by the Wings for Life World Run community, many of who are running the event for those who can’t and to raise vital funds to help find a cure for spinal cord injury.

Sign up today and visit for more information.

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