6 Reasons You Love Road Running

There is no question a treadmill is great if want to run but it’s raining/burning hot/ impossible to take the baby outside, but it’s generally accepted that taking to the road is by far the best way to get your running hit.

Forgotten why you love road running? Here are 6 reminders

1. You can find a rhythm on the road. A smooth, straight path that leads you anywhere you want to go – even round in a circle if you want it to. When you hit your stride, you find a music in your running – something that often can’t happen on a trail. Find a long road with no interruptions and that rhythm will find you and lull you into a fast, heart-lifting run.

2. Road running is high impact, which is great for two reasons. One, giving your joints something to think about increases bone density and reduces the risk of osteoporosis. And, of course, two, high impact running means you should invest in new running shoes every 500 miles, which means you get to treat yourself in celebration of running regularly for so many months.

3. There is a predictability about road running because the surface is smooth and lampposts are evenly spaced.

This gives you a great opportunity to fit in some interval training between objects without fear of tumbling when you’re hurtling along in your high-speed intervals.

4. Many roads are well lit, making early morning and evening running safer and giving you many more hours in the day you can use for a run. Still, a good hi-vis vest and running on the pavement that goes into the traffic is still your best option.

5. The options are endless. With so many roads to choose from, you can mix it up and take a different route every time you go out. This help you out in two ways: it keeps your brain interested as it gets to take in different surroundings, and it keeps your body on its toes as it doesn’t get stuck with the same old routine every time.

6. In cities in particular, buildings funnel the wind, creating stronger forces for your body to work against. Moving forwards, you have to combat wind resistance, which burns more calories and strengthens muscles as well as giving your brain a good clear out.

Sign up for the Wings for Life World Run 2016 on May 8, then get out there for a road run. There are no excuses! 




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