Five Top Tips for Beginners to Kickstart Wings for Life World Run Training

On 6 May 2018, a community on the most eastern edge of New Zealand’s North Island will run for those who can’t with the Wings for Life World Run App. Gisborne, famed as being the first city in the world to see the sun rise and welcome in each new day, will join the global movement for 2018. The community joins hundreds of thousands of participants from different locations across the world who will all start the unique race at 11am UTC, whether it’s summer or winter, night or day. 

The Gisborne App Run organizer is Dr Willem Jordaan, who has set a goal to get 2,500 participants to sign up for his Wings for Life World Run App Run.

If you’re heading into your first Wings for Life World Run in 2018, are feeling motivated to prepare for the race in May but aren’t sure where to begin, Dr Jordaan has five quick and easy tips to help kickstart your training:

1. Just enjoy getting active

“Just start by getting up and going for a walk.  Keep enjoying the fact that you are getting active and realise that each step you take contributes to living healthy longer.”

2. Buddy up with friends

“Group activities are very important… it’s an opportunity for the whole community to engage in a common goal activity that motivates everyone to go harder and get healthier. A free app can support you in your efforts, and is very effective.”

3. Stay simply healthy

 “Water is the best for hydration,” Dr Jordaan says. When it comes to eating, he advises sticking to the ‘964 guideline’ which outlines the maximum teaspoons of sugar each day – 9 for a man, 6 for a woman and just 4 for a child.

4. Emphasis on enjoyment

Dr Jordaan advises focusing on the wellbeing aspect of exercise, to avoid injury from over-exertion. “Enjoy what you do and don’t overdo it.  The emphasis should be on enjoyment and not competition… except against yourself!”.

5. What a rest day really means

“A rest day is just a day where you don’t have to follow a set activity plan, and you can keep being active in any shape or form. We’re in competition only with ourselves… to just be better than we were yesterday.”

New participants can enjoy the health benefits of taking part in this global movement, whilst being part of something much bigger – helping to find a cure for spinal cord injury.  “It is a privilege to be part of the race,” says Dr Jordaan. “But the unique way the race is run and the opportunity it provides for anyone to participate wherever you are is great.”

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