While  athletes dive into pasta and check their kit one last time, an army of organisers and race staff at Global Race Control in Spielberg, Austria and the 35 locations stretching from California to Japan are putting the finishing touches in place for Sunday.


“This is a huge logistical operation, and we are thrilled that the final pieces of the jigsaw are falling into place,” said Anita Gerhardter, the CEO of Wings for Life Foundation.


“It’s an extremely exciting and proud moment for us all, and we are so looking forward to our big day. So many people, not least the athletes, have put so much effort into this, and we are really hoping for a fabulous day of inspiring action from all of our venues."


The excitement cranked up a level during rehearsal when Global Champion Lemawork Ketema, returned to the scene of his victory in Austria to pose by the 78km mark where the Catcher Car finally caught up with him 12 months ago.


Daredevil Felix Baumgartner received his lesson in driving the Catcher Car ahead of the race in Bucharest while thousands of runners checked out the course and refined their preparation.


Worldwide, trophies are being unwrapped and polished, race routes marked out, and interest is building across the social media networks. Wherever you look there are fascinating competitors taking part, rivalries being played out as well as the colour and pageantry you would expect in an event of this scale and reach.


From starting guns and sirens to cow bells and muskets, when the mass start resounds around the globe on Sunday, runners of all ages and abilities as well as wheelchair athletes will start the battle against the fleet of Catcher Cars.


Catcher Cars worldwide will start their chase at 11.30am UTC, and at the venue in Breda, Netherlands will be sent on their way by the deafening roar of cannons, and will slowly reel in the field until only one male and one female winner is left standing.


Olympic skier Aksel Lund Svindal will drive the Catcher Car in Norway's Stavanger, while fellow skier runs in what is predicted by the weathermen to be the coldest of all routes at around 10 degrees Celsius, while several thousand miles away, and 30 degrees hotter,Gurgaon in India is expected to test the runners, including  chess grandmaster Tania Sachdevwith, with searing heat approaching 40 degrees Celsius.


Current Infiniti Red Bull racing driver line-up Daniel Ricciardo and Daniil Kvyat are taking part in the Selfie Run, the app where athletes unable to make one of the official locations can test themselves against the rest of the world.


Brazil’s Vanderlei Cordeiro de Lima hit the headlines in 2004 when he was leading the men’s marathon at the Olympic Games in Athens only for a spectator to barge him aside and ruin his chances of the gold medal. He’s likely to be among the favourites in the race at Brasilia.


Friends and family alike can join in the tension by following it all in the live experience area at where live streams from all 35 locations will be available.



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