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Terms and Conditions for Direct Donations to Wings for Life Foundation

The Wings for Life Foundation (Wings for Life Stiftung) gladly accepts donations to further its support to research a cure for spine injuries.

Red Bull GmbH offer the opportunity to all supporters (participants and in the Wings for Life Word Run and non-participants alike) to make direct donations to Wings for Life Foundation via the Wings for Life World Run website or app (available at ITunes and Google Playstore).


1. Making a donation

1.1. Depending on the country of residence of the person wishing to make a donation (Donor’), donations will be possible through credit card (Visa, MasterCard for most countries, in addition JCB or American Express for some) or payment via Paypal (if provided). Local charges may apply for the donation payment - for further details in this regard, please contact your bank.

1.2. Credit card details will not be transferred to neither Wings for Life or Red Bull GmbH, but only (i) to the credit card company directly or (ii) in case of payment with Visa, JCB and MasterCard, to the mandated Credit Card Acquirer (European Merchant Services B.V. or other local companies) in charge of processing the payment with the respective credit card company.

1.3. Upon receipt of the payment, the Donor will receive via e-mail a confirmation of his/her donation, containing the details of Wings for Life Foundation, name and address of Donor, as well as date, amount and currency of the donation (as required to qualify for tax-deductibility in certain jurisdictions).


2. Supporting a fundraiser / Publication of donation (express consent required)

2.1. Participants in the Wings for Life World Run 2016 (‘Runner/s’) may individually or as a runners’ group–set up their own individual runner’s or group page via

2.2. In doing so Runners are provided with an additional option to start their own Wings for Life World Run-fundraiser and call upon others, e.g. via social media, to support the cause of Wings for Life Foundation and make donations.

2.3. Provided that both, the person starting such fundraiser (‘Fundraiser’) as well as the Donor making a dedicated donation in support of the fundraiser expressly agree by ticking the respective fields when making the donation or setting the status of their fundraising page accordingly, the Donor’s name and the amount of his/her donation will be published on the Fundraiser’s runner’s page.

2.4. In case only Fundraiser, but not Donor decides and agrees to make the results of his/her fundraising efforts public on his/her runner’s page, only the donated amount will appear/be added, while the Donor’s name will rename anonymous.


3. Data Collection and Protection

3.1. During the process of the donation, we collect, save and process data within the scope of the statutory regulations.

3.2. Personal data that you provide to us e.g. when placing a donation (e.g. your name and your contact details) are processed only in order to communicate with you, for internal analysis and only for the purpose for which you provided the data to us. To the extent needed, for the processing of payments we disclose your payment details to the bank responsible for handling payments. Thereby the data is transmitted in encrypted form using a 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer Software (SSL) connection.

3.3. We assure you that we will not otherwise disclose your personal data to any third parties, unless we are obliged to do so by law or you have given your express consent to this (e.g. publication of name and amount of donation in connection with a fundraising activity (see above …). Inasmuch as we use the services of third parties for the performance and handling of processing tasks, the regulations of the Austrian Data Protection Act 2000 shall be complied with.


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