Why we're running: Feel the love from 2014

If that was what it feels like when you run for a good cause....well I would do it every month! Thank you all, it was a unique experience.
...thanks so much..


Wings for Life World Run was one incredible event, an adventure filled with excitement….It Was A Blast! We walked and ran for those who can’t today….through the efforts of WFL/Red Bull to fund SCI research, those who can’t, someday, will be able to walk and run shoulder to shoulder with us once again! See you next year!


Thx @WFLWorldRun!!
I still have the wonderful trail Donautal, AUT in my mind's eye, motivation in legs and mind, the great idea of #WingsforLifeWorldRun in my heart!

Still feel conjoined to all #WorldRunners and the #CatcherCar in neck ...can't wait to know it's behind (!) me in 2015, when I'll be running for those who can’t again.


See you next year! Can you please let the Silverstone Catcher Car know it will have to work a lot harder next year.....#mynewgoal40k…..

Thank you! What a great idea, what a great day - proud to took part yesterday! I am looking forward to the #worldrun in 2015!


Really enjoyed this event in Sweden and the public were great cheering us all on, even beginners like me. Will definitely be back next year. World class event


The most amazing day. Well organised. I'm feeling emotional tonight reading everyones posts. Thank you for one of the best experiences and days of my life.


Awesome event at Silverstone today guys. Really enjoyed it. Have a good party tonight!


I was so glad to be part of @WFLWorldRun. 35000 people ran for the same cause. We made a difference.


I'm gonna start training for @WFLWorldRun 15 tomorrow, hoping to have a run near to me #wflworldrun15


@WFLWorldRun still sore feet, ankles and big toes but also still on an all-time high, so ... See you next year! (with new shoes, that's for sure)


The event that changed the running game forever.


Absolutely exhilarated from @WFLWorldRun #Darmstadt! One of the best experiences I've ever had! 


Loved the #wingsforlifeworldrun yesterday, sunburnt and aching but it was amazing! Locals were brill too! @RedBullUK @WingsforLifeUK



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