Winners’ World Adventure: Elise’s Blog

Follow the Wings for Life World Run global champion Elise and her sister Maria with global runner-up, Remigio, and his son on their incredible trip of a lifetime, having  experiences that the rest of us can only dream of.

They’ll be in Salzburg (January 4 to 7), Cape Town (January 8 to 12), Hong Kong (January 13 to 16), Sydney (January 17 to 21), Hawaii (January 21 to 24), Los Angeles (January 25 to 28) and Rio de Janeiro (January 29 to February 1).

Over to Elise!

Sixth Stop: LA, the City of Angels

Or let’s just call it the Land of Amazing. This last month has taken us to places we’d never thought we’d visit, and LA was the icing on the cake.

It started out all calm, hanging out at the hotel pool then on Santa Monica beach, lulling us into a sense of holiday, making us believe Hawaii wasn’t over.

And then came Universal Studios, and not just your normal Universal Studios, your VIP Universal Studios, with VIP tour around actual movie and TV sets which was so so SO cool, before we headed to the amusement park, and this,

 , which set us up perfectly for sky diving with Red Bull Air Force Skydiving Team. Honestly, I’m not a massive fan of flying -- can you see the fear!?


... but the team really put us at ease, talking us through every step of the way. I believe their ears are recovering from this:

We made it back to earth still walking on air. It was truly a once in a lifetime experience and I’m so glad I did it. Thanks guys -- it was supercool!

We’re off to Rio now, our last stop on this incredible adventure. What amazing things await us there, we don’t know. Not sure what could top LA.




Fifth Stop: Hawaiiiiii!


Just dropping in quickly. Having a gloriously relaxing time in Hawaii. Spent some time on Waikiki Beach and lounged around by the pool.

But none of us are good at doing nothing, so we took advantage of a bit of cloud yesterday and hiked up to Diamond's Head, but the sun had come out by the time we got to the top!

Can't stop now, though. Off to LA!

Malama pono! (Take care :))


Fourth Stop: Time Down Under

G'day mate, from summer in January -- how cool is that? It's really hard to think how cold it is at home at the moment when we're hanging out on the beaches, getting surf lessons with the pros. Bondi Beach was steaming hot.

Don't worry, we're getting some culture in as well :) The first day, we went around Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge. I couldn't believe how big Sydney Opera House is! It has 1000 rooms, three restaurants, a cafe, a coffee shop and several bars. Way bigger than I thought it'd be.

It clouded over a bit on the second day, which was a bit of a relief to be honest, so we went kangaroo stalking around Tangora Zoo. Those little guys are so cute and the view of Sydney from the zoo is truly very beautiful.

We went for a great run in a storm with Wings for Life World Run Australian Ambassadors Chief and Em Brabon, which was a great way to see the city.


Then did a bit of surfing.

We're headed for the 'holiday' part of our trip next -- four days lounging around in Hawaii. Can't wait. I'm loving all the activities, but a few days of just kicking back will be wonderful.

So, cheerio, toodle-oo and hooroo from Australia!



Third Stop: Hong Kong

We’ve been on the road (and in the air, a lot!) for two weeks now, and I don’t think any of us will actually get used to the incredible experiences we’re having on each stop.

 The last few days we spent sightseeing in Hong Kong from dawn til dusk. Maria and I went to the Ladies’ Market and had a lot of fun shopping.


In Macau, we went up the Macau Tower. It’s really, REALLY high (233m), and we did a skywalk, which was a bit scary at first.


Then we went to an unbelievable show called The House of Dancing Water. It was so, so good. I think it's the best show I’ve ever been to!

Next stop Sydney! Here we come, Australia!

 Second Stop: Cape Town

From the bitter cold of Salzburg to the middle of summer in Cape Town was a bit of a surprise – I got sunburn, so I’ve stocked up on sunscreen and I’m making sure I have a cap with me now. We loved the hotel, who wouldn't -- it's Table Bay Cape Town's number one hotel! -- and spent a while relaxing in the pool.

Hiking up Table Mountain with South Africa’s great trail runner, Ryan Sandes, was a real treat. He led the way, but Remigo and Jhon practically ran up. The view from the top and the cable car down was spectacular.

Maria freaked me out a bit when she decided to do a handstand 1,085 m above sea level.

It was such a treat to train in shorts along the promenade next to the ocean ... not a bad time to get back into running with, do you think?

And finally, we couldn’t come to Africa and not go on safari. Seeing all the lions and elephants was truly amazing – something I never really thought I’d do. 

This really is a trip of a lifetime! I’m enjoying every single moment of it. And now we're off to Hong Kong, where apparently it'll be sunny for the next week or so. Brilliant!


First Stop: Salzburg

Yeah! Our journey around the world has begun.The first three days we were in Salzburg. What a whirlwind it has been! At Hangar-7, on the first day, I met both Lemawork, the global male winner, and Remigio, the runner-up who won in Peru, and Remigio’s son, Jhon. They’re all such lovely people. We spent a good couple of hours chatting about running and saw all the incredible planes. Then Lemawork officially handed over the prize round-the-world trip to Remigio.


On the second day (there’s so much amazing stuff happening, it’s all blurring into one!), we took a helicopter ride. I have never done it before and was pretty nervous, but when I settled in, I absolutely loved it. The views across the city, snowy mountains and lakes of Salzburg were spectacular. 

 In the evening, we got the VIP treatment at an ice-hockey game and the local Red Bull team won 3:2, super cool. 

 We’ve also done a tour through Salzburg, been up to the famous castle and visited the headquarters of Wings for Life.

Now I know what we’re going to be doing in each of the countries, I have to say I’m even a little overwhelmed – so many new experiences, places and people to look forward to. Having Maria, my sister, with me, as well as Remigio and Jhon, who must be finding this whole thing mind-blowing too, is truly wonderful.


Now, we’re off to Cape Town, and I’m looking forward to run along the beach with Remigio .


So this is Elise catching the plane. What an amazing start to the trip!

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