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7 Great Gifts for the Runners in Your Life

1. Arrange a Wings for Life World Run Voucher -- and maybe even a weekend somewhere they've never been before.

This is a big gift, granted, but giving the gift of running, of community and of giving, all in one Wings for Life World Run Voucher is a triple gift. As three gifts in one this is perfect for everyone: the runners in your life get motivated, your non-runner friends join you in the world’s biggest fun run, and you’re giving hope to thousands of people who live with spinal cord injury.

This is win-win for everyone. Just like on race day, everyone is a winner. Sign your friends up for a location near you or in that one place they’ve always dreamed of running or visiting, and they’re good to go.


2. Motivate and celebrate all in one: print off a map of your runner’s favourite runs, personal best runs or wonderful race achievements of the year. On the map, add their finishing time and a motivational comment or how they felt finishing (who doesn’t share that sort of things on Facebook or Twitter?!), frame it all in a beautiful keepsake to drive them to keep running next year.


3. Create a mixed tape – alright, a playlist – of your favourite runner’s favourite running songs.

Track down songs that get them moving, songs that make them smile, songs that you have shared memories of. What about a collection of podcasts you know they’d love to listen to? Gifts don’t have to cost a fortune!


4. For colder climes, places the snow is about to set in any time now, anti-slip shoe grippers that you slide over the trainer is a perfect stocking filler or gift from the kids. They’re not super expensive, but they give the gift of running even on slippery days (and they remove the chance for another excuse!).

5. Along the same lines, a headtorch means your runner can get out there, safely, day or night. Check out the ones they had in Australia! 


6. For those with summer around the corner, hydration is going to get ever more important as the days heat up. There are some great hydration packs on the market that suit runners down to the ground, either as backpack or a vest. If you’re excited about them even though it’s winter where you are, you can get an insulating pipe to keep the tube from freezing over. Clever sticks, these hydration-pack designers.


7. There's also a stack load of cool running gear in the Wings for Life shop. There's running gear to please every runner, from caps to hoodies, shorts to sunnies -- with all the proceeds going straight to the Wings for Life foundation to support their pursuit of the cure for spinal cord injury.

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