Food Tips for Runners

We have all heard about how important it is to eat the right types of food and how it can benefit both your mental and physical health. But with so much information out there and so many different opinions it can be easy to feel a little lost or confused.


We dug around and put together some bite sized quotes from nutrition and fitness experts to help you get started!

1. Never skip breakfast.

Hungry? Never again if you follow what Kayla and her BBG girls have to say…


“Breakfast is such an important meal!! Make sure it fuels your body, ready for the day!! There's nothing worse than being hungry straight after breakfast!! This can affect your mood, concentration and energy levels! Eat good food, stay hydrated”  -  Kayla Itsines


2. Think about what your next day of training looks like.

McKel likes to fuel for the future! 


“There’s a saying I enjoy “eat for tomorrow”, use this motto as a way to think about certain foods you may be eating and time them around your workout program (for example, higher carbohydrate days before or the day of a workout).” -  McKel Hill, MS, RD of Nutrition Stripped


3. Different foods have different benefits – make sure to do your research.

Because we all know how tiring the big day can be…


“Red split lentils are a brilliant source of nutrients, including iron, which we need for making blood cells to transport oxygen around the body, helping to prevent us from getting tired ” -  Jamie Oliver


4. Spice up your life, to aid fatigued muscles.

Who knew spices could be so soothing?


“Investing in a decent variety of herbs and spices will not only give you massive versatility in the kitchen, but it’s also like having a natural pharmacy right in your cupboard. For example, some spices have anti-inflammatory properties, while others can help with good digestion or help reduce post-workout soreness.” -  Joe Wicks


5. Spend two evenings per week prepping.

Watch this space! Alex also known as the Food Grinder is full of clever hacks to make cooking easier and creates egg-cellent recipes…


"Setting aside just an hour twice a week will keep you stocked up with healthy fuel until the weekend. I find meal prepping on Sunday nights sees me through to Wednesday when I’ll do another mini prep session to get me to the weekend." -  The Food Grinder


6. Remember to have fun!

If you’re worried about changing your diet, Deryn Macey from the blog Running on Real Food, has some comforting words for us all…


“Don’t forget guys, flexible dieting isn’t about restriction or sacrifice, it’s about using food as a tool to reach your performance goals. There is room for treats and indulgences and it’s not a big deal if you miss a day, just get right back to it the next day.” -  Deryn Macey



If that wasn’t enough, The Food Grinder hosted a Facebook Live session this morning on our global Wings for Life World Run Facebook account. His food philosophy is to create simple, healthy, and tasty recipes with minimal fuss and a little bit of entertainment. Check out what he cooked here!

Or similarly head over to his Instagram (@thefoodgrinder) for easy recipe ideas.




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Wings for Life World Run Explained
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