Your 12-Week Training Plans Have Arrived

To help you train for the Wings for Life World Run, PUMA Team Faster Trainer, Kelly Whittaker has created a 12-week training plan to help you achieve your goals on May 7, 2017.

Currently a Puma trainer and elite marathon runner; Kelly (@kjw227) has run over 20 full marathons, many more half marathons, and has placed in multiple 10k and 5k races. With a Marathon PR (personal record) of 2:58:08, she is now sharing her training expertise to help us all get ready for the big day on May 7, 2017.



The BEGINNER’S workout was created for a new runner, or someone who has never trained for a race before. The person Kelly had in mind when designing this plan is someone who can comfortably run 1- 2 km but possibly no more. This plan can incorporate walking as a “base pace” when first starting and then progress to a higher intensity.

Ideally, beginners should focus on keeping the pace below 07:30 min / per km. The base pace will hopefully lower as endurance/speed builds throughout the program, but define it as a pace you can hold and still carry on a conversation.



The INTERMEDIATE workout was designed for someone who can comfortable run 3-5 km right now, or has trained for a race before. Intermediates should focus on keeping their pace below 06:10 / per km. If you would like to make the Intermediate plan harder, you can use the goal calculator to adjust the plans.


Kelly's Three Top Tips

  • Track/speed workouts are ideal if done on an outdoor track, but a treadmill can work as well for winter training.
  • Non-impact training should be incorporated throughout the workout. Yoga/spin/swim are all highly recommended, ideally it should be something that keeps the body moving but has no impact.
  •  Use the Wings for Life World Run App to track your pace when training



Download your training plans here; Beginner | Intermediate