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Wings for Life World Run fundraising portal

Wings for Life World Runners once used sponsor forms, buckets for coins and generic fundraising sites to support the cause. But now, you can simply set a fundraising goal on your runner or supporter profile and get fundraising.

How to use the Wings for Life World Run fundraising portal

Said one fundraiser, “It’s so easy to get everything set up. I just signed in with my participant details, edited my picture and uploaded a cover photo of me in last year’s Wings for Life World. I spent time writing my story because I wanted it to be as inspirational as possible to convince my community to donate.

“At first I set an ambitious fundraising target. Aim high and see what happens, right? When I powered through that target after a couple of weeks, I was astonished and humbled that so many people wanted to support me. I decided to increase my target. Why not?! And again, I hit it. How much money will I raise for Wings for Life? I don’t know, but I’ll keep going till May 6 and beyond. I hope people who read this will set and share their target because it’s so rewarding and so easy.”

Fundraising doesn’t mean just running

All entry fees from Wings for Life World Run or the App Runs go directly to Wings for Life, but there are many other ways to support Wings for Life.

  • Share your training sessions on social media.
  • Ask your employer and/or local businesses to match donations, so when another individual donates to your page, the company adds a percentage or the same again.
  • Get pledges based on the distance or time you cover both in training sessions and in May 6’s race.
  • Link to your fundraising page in email signatures and social media posts – some fundraisers have playfully suggested they’ll only respond to emails when they’ve had a donation.
  • Instead of a birthday or wedding present, ask for donations to Wings for Life
  • Organize a dress-up or theme party.
  • Give a lecture, performance or cocktail party
  • Organize a bake sale or rubber-duck race.

The ways to raise money is limited only by your imagination. Wings for Life World Run has a hub of ideas to get any keen fundraiser started. However you mobilize your on- and offline communities, you can help raise money for promising spinal cord research projects around the world and take us a step closer to a cure.

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