Zapisz się na bieg w 20203 maja



Carry the Wings for Life World Run joy all year

There’s nothing truly like it, is there? The moment you surge across the start line with more than 120,000 Wings for Life World Runners across the planet that incredible sense of togetherness. Of knowing you are doing something amazing with a global community.

Nothing like it, of course, until you hear the moving finish line, the Catcher Car, behind you or in your earphones, and you find the energy for one last push, a few more meters until the Catcher Car ends your race. And then the smiles, the happiness, the knowing you’re running for those who can’t, to make a huge difference to their lives.

Maybe you were part of the incredible moment paralysis patients David Mzee and Gert-Jan Oskam walked across start lines in Switzerland and the Netherlands. It was a milestone for the Wings for Life World Run community and proof that every single entry fee and donation genuinely does make a difference.

Who wouldn’t want to keep that feeling all year? Well, try these to spark joy in the wait for Sunday, May 3, 2020.

Raise more money for spinal cord research

Wings for Life World Run raises money to fund life-changing spinal cord research and clinical studies, each one pushing every day of the year to find a cure for spinal cord injury. And you can keep fundraising all year, too.

Get creative! Ask friends and family to donate to Wings for Life instead of giving you a birthday or holiday gift. Host a bake sale, arrange Wings for Life World Run quiz nights or training sessions, challenge your team to a training competition – who can cover the furthest between now and May? 100% of every donation goes straight to the scientists who give hope to millions living with spinal cord injury.

Find a new App Run track

In 2019, Wings for Life World Runners covered 1,103,276 km in 323 locations across 72 countries. That’s a lot. But everyone has a favorite track, everyone has a wonderful place to run, so as you run in the next few months, plot your perfect track and consider sharing it with the world as an Organized App Run. It might be steps from your house or it might be somewhere you’ve always wanted to run. There’s nothing to stop you.

Build the biggest team

Start now and you can build your perfect team, whether it’s small and fun, or you want to lead the world’s largest team. Talk to your friends, involve your workmates, team, university – motivate your community. And when you take vacation or travel for work, wherever you go, get new friends to join your team, too. Maybe you’ll all run together in the same place or maybe you’ll be thousands of miles apart. But you’ll all be running for those who can’t, together. What a buzz!

Spread the word!

Pull on your Wings for Life World Run t-shirt or spoil yourself with a new Wings for Life World Run sweater, cap or running tights, then open the Wings for Life World Run App and head out for a run. Talk to fellow runners, share your training with them. Post your training sessions on social media, using #WingsForLife #WorldRun to keep your Wings for Life World Run family part of your everyday life.

And, of course, make sure you preregister for May 3, 2020, so you can be one of the first to register when that joyful moment arrives.

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