12 Weeks Challenge

Now it’s 12 weeks left till Wings for Life World Run starts. With that said we challenge you to join our 12 weeks challenge.

The Challenge starts with an exercise on motivation since motivation is one of the most important ingredients when it comes to a good workout.



Take the challenge!


Week 1 - Motivation.

Start with at least 7 minutes of slow jogging to warm up, then stop next to a hill.

Do the following exercises:

High knees, butt kicks and “straight leg runner”. Run each exercise 20 meters 2 times each. Jog slowly down the hill between each exercise.


Continue the run slowly towards a new Hill (or jog a 5 min lap and come back to the same Hill).

Do the three following exercises:

Rapid jumps on one leg about 10 pieces each, 10 pieces frog jumps and 2 x 10 big steps. Jog or walk down the hill after each exercise.


Continue at a slow pace to the next Hill.

Do the following:

4 pieces 30 seconds sprints. Between each sprint, jog or walk down the Hill to your starting point.


Continue the run another 5 minutes and do the next exercise:

Make 4 coordination runs on a flat surface. Run approximately 100 meters (or 30 seconds) in a slightly higher tempo. During the coordination course focus on the technic and find a comfortable feeling through your run.


Continue around 5 min slow jogging to a staircase.

Do the following exercise on the stairs:

10 big steps with high knees, 10 deep frog jumps, 2 x 10 jumps sideways (change direction after the first).

Do 3 stair sprints up the stairs (use your arms to keep your upper body steady).

Exit the passport with at least 7 minutes of slow jogging and then stretching.


If the workout is complicated, you can modify it and add, repeat or delete exercises.