14 reasons to run the Wings for Life World Run

The new year is finally here, and we would like to take the opportunity to give you really good reasons to sign up for the Wings for Life World Run 2016 - in other words a total of 14 good reasons of why you should sign up today!


1. A unique running concept!

First of all is of course the concept! Unlike any other race you participated in, Wings for Life World Run does not have a set distance or even a finish line. Here the goal is to outrun the car that is chasing you - also called the Catcher car.

All of the 33(!) participating countries will start simultaneously. You run at your own pace and as long as you can. After 30 minutes, the Catcher car will start its hunt for participants and the car will gradually increase its speed before it catches up with the participants, one by one. Once the car passes you, you are out of the race.


2. Participate in the world's fifth largest running race

With over 100 000 participants in 2015, the Wings for Life World Run became the world's fifth largest running race, and thus a good reason to participate. In other words, it is quite natural to want to brag a little when you get the opportunity to be a part of something so big. Remember that you can create your own team consisting of a group of friends, colleagues or family - together you can be a part of something unique on Sunday, May 8, 2016.


3. Support a good cause

Is there really any better reason? Everyone who participates in this race is supporting a good cause - and we mean everyone. We all help the Wings for Life Foundation to raise money and draw attention to spinal cord injuries. 100 percent of all profits from the Wings for Life World Run will be donated to the Wings for Life Foundation, a nonprofit organization that funds research aimed at finding a cure for spinal cord injuries. The goal is to make those who are dependent on a wheelchair move freely again. The motto of the race is of course; "Running for those who can’t."

So why not grasp the opportunity to take part in the race on May 8, 2016? You will be supporting a good cause and your run can make a big difference to others!


4. Participate in one of our 35 cities worldwide

Wings for Life World Run is a global race, taking place in 35 different locations, spread over 33 countries worldwide. The race starts at the exact same time, across multiple time zones. Want to experience a new destination while supporting a good cause, this is the perfect race for you. The concept is the same no matter where you choose to run, but the trails have their own local characteristics and offer the best of that specific country. Beautiful Kalmar in Sweden, Jæren in Norway, the Niagara Falls in Canada or Lake Paranoã in Brazil, to name a few locations.


5. Participate as a team

Get with your friends, family or colleagues and form a team together. With the Wings for Life World Run Team Run, you can put together your own team, join an existing or a public one. You can participate in up to three teams, private or public. After the race, you will get a summary of the total distance covered, average distance and rankings within the team.

Let us not forget to tell you that a team can have as many participants as you want. The more the merrier! The winning team last year, had as many as 152 participants.

You can already begin recruiting your team runners - remember to tell them that they only run as far as they want. In the Wings for Life World Run, everyone is welcome to participate regardless of how far one manages to run!


6. Run with a friend from the other side of the world

We live in a world where distance no longer is an issue. Do you have friends in other countries - why not run with them? Since the Wings for Life World Run takes place at the exact same time in more than 33 countries, you can share your running experience. All participants in the Wings for Life World Run starts running at the same time, regardless of location in the world. It might be 1:00 PM in Sweden, 9:00 PM in Australia, or 4:00 AM in Los Angeles. This makes the Wings for Life World Run a golden opportunity to share with someone you do not get the chance to meet so often!


7. Compete against a celebrity

Is your competitive spirit on top, you might wonder how far you would be able to hang on to one of the world's best athletes? In each country, it is very likely that some of the national athletes will turn up to compete in the race. Most likely you will run side by side with some of them. Give it your best, try to keep up and see how your running stands up to world class athletes.


8. Wing For Life World Run is the perfect New Year's resolution

Now that winter is here to stay, it is easier to find reasons to skip a run, but with the Wings for Life World Run in May, it might become easier to fight of the dark times by running regularly.

Maybe you do not run at all but you have the intention to start - but you never seem to succeed. The solution? Circle May 8 in your calendar. This race is the perfect target for a fun and also an achievable New Year's resolution. Besides the fact that you will get in shape, you will also help those who cannot run by contributing to research. A victory for everyone!



9. A race for everyone

Wings for Life World Run is a competition where everyone can participate. You can walk, jog or run. Prostheses and wheelchairs - nothing can stop you. Runners and wheelchair users are competing side by side. It is an unique opportunity to do something together, regardless of functionality.

Wheelchair users are welcome to use a regular chair run by themselves, or they may get some push from a friend. Racing chairs and hand-bikes are not allowed - they are simply too fast.

This is a race where you can find new running friends, and there will be lots of opportunities for fun and laughter. Afterwards, you can celebrate with a clear conscience!



10. Run with a clear conscience

Did you know the average Wings for Life runner burned more than 1,100 calories in 2015? If you are up for it, you could therefore, with good conscience, eat four burgers and still have burned more calories than you consumed.

Running is the exercise that burns the most fat and calories, and there are few sports that affect your shape as effectively. An additional plus is that it requires minimal equipment; choice of workout clothes and good running shoes - and you are ready.



11. A celebrity is chasing you

The person that will come to chase you in the Catcher car in May 2016 is still a secret, but we can promise that you will not be disappointed. Last year, for example, Swedens Catcher car was driven by professional skier Jon Olsson. This year, however, he will be at the starting line ready to run.

With a celebrity at your heels, there is one more reason to find that extra strength, not to mention that you also have the chance to put the drivers patience to the test; The longer you have the energy to run, the longer the driver will have to sit in the car.



12. Get a goodie bag

Every participant in the Wings for Life World Run 2016 gets goodie bag! It contains your starting number, practical information that you should read before the race, as well as a variety of goodies that we are going to keep secret at the moment.



13. Run and be happy!

Running is fun and it makes you happy. It confirms that your body works and gives you a mental break from an otherwise stressful day. You may have noticed that your mood is better after a run? Research confirms this feeling - during exercise, your brain produces the body's own "happy pill", endorphins.

Also, running is a sport for everyone. It is free of charge, can be done anywhere, with friends or alone. The gain is increased physical- and mental capacity, despite how good you are. Nothing beats the feeling you get after a successful run, when your mood is on top.



14. Nice prizes awaits

The national winners in each country will receive a trip for themselves and a friend to their destination of choice, such as the US, China, Australia, Dubai or Italy - just to name a few. Imagine running at the Niagara Falls in Canada, forcing yourself out in warm Dubai - or maybe a night race in Melbourne sounds more exciting?

The global winners (one male and one female) will win a round the world trip filled with adventure - everything from skydiving to personal meetings with legendary sports heroes.


So lets get the training started, but do remember that when competing in the Wings for Life World Run, we are all the winners!