Aron Andersson - this is my story

Aron Andersson has an athletic track record longer than most of us will ever achieve and a will of steel to always take on new challenges, with charity as an ever-present factor. The road to get here has not been easy - when Aron was only nine years old, he lost the ability to walk.

Meet Aron Anderson. He has cycled from Sweden to Paris, performed a “Swedish classic” within 24 hours, swam across the Åland sea using just his arms, and become the first person in a wheelchair to ever climb the mountain of Kebnekaise. Add four Paralympic Games in three different sports and a bunch of European- and World Championship medals and you get a track record that few people reach in an entire lifetime.

When Aaron was eight years old, he was diagnosed with cancer in the pelvis. Two years and several treatments and surgeries later, the cancer was gone, but life had changed since he now was partially paralyzed. He directly decided, however, that the wheelchair would never confine him, neither socially nor physically. Here is his story.

On May 8, Aron Anderson is participating in the Wings for Life World Run for the second time. In 2015, he won in Kalmar and became the first national winner in a wheelchair - ever. This year he will head for victory in Dubai.

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