Five reasons to run in Hagaparken

1. Everyone’s a finisher
The concept of the race is equally unique as fun as there’s no specific distance to run. 30 minutes after the start of the race, a moving finish line is catching up from behind. Once it got you, you’ve finished your race. There’s absolutely no need to run far or to run at all. Do as you like, you may walk all the way. Starting into running season has never been easier.

2. Nice track
The organized App Run (App what? No worries, we’ll get there!) in Hagaparken goes on surface that suits the early time of the ongoing running season. The 5 km track mostly consists of gravel and is only moderately hilly.

On the first half you also have a nice view on Brunnsviken and before the start of a new loop, you can refill with energy at the feeding station – the perfect set-up for the year’s first competition or long run, to say it in other words.

3. Part of something bigger
Everything is more fun the bigger the crowd. That’s just how it is and when it comes to the Wings for Life World Run, there will be many runners by your side, not only in Stockholm but also all around the world and at the same time. The race is a global event of numerous parallel and synchronized races and lasts until there are no more runners to be caught. The last remaining woman and man are declared global winners. How does that work, you wonder? The Wings for Life World Run app connects all races worldwide (more info here).

All you need to be a part is therefore your phone, to download the app and sign up now. Feel free to challenge your cousin in Australia or your former pen pal in the US.

4. For a good cause

If this isn’t enough music for your ears already, here’s one more good thing: The whole running party is for charity. The event is arranged by the international Wings for Life foundation to raise awareness for spinal cord injuries. 100% of all entry fees therefore directly go to cutting-edge research project to find a cure for spinal cord injuries.

5. It’s always sunny
The interest in the race has constantly grown since the start in 2014. Five race editions in more than 66 countries on all continents so far have attracted 500 000 runners in total. All races have been held on the first Sunday in May and so far, this has been a sunny day in Sweden every time. There’s absolutely no reason to believe this will be any different this year!