Highlights from two years of Wings for Life World Run

The Wings for Life World Run is back for the third time on May 8, 2016. We’ll be back on the running trails and streets between Kalmar and Öland as well as over the Öland Bridge, which is told by former participants to be a both unique and magic experience. 

Together with the whole world we will run for those who can’t. The race actually starts simultaneously at 34 places in 33 countries – and with simultaneously we really mean at the same time. Some will run early in the morning, others late at night, all depending on the time difference. If you like sleeping in, you are well off in Sweden. Here, the race starts at 13:00.

Half an hour later and again simultaneously, the so-called Catcher Cars start in their hunt for all runners out there on the six continents. They will slowly increase in speed after a predefined schedule. As soon as one gets passed by a Catcher Car, the run is over. Sounds fun, doesn’t it?

Besides all the fun, all participants contribute to a great good cause, as the race is both raising awareness and funds for the Wings for Life foundation. This foundation’s only goal is to find a cure for spinal cord injuries.

The race’s complete revenues as well as 100% of your entry fee will directly go to cutting edge research projects around the globe. Some of which with your help might get a step closer to eventually allow spinal cord injured people to walk again.

Since you have read all the way here; you most probably want to sign up immediately. Do it now on: www.wingsforlifeworldrun.com. If you however - and against all odds - still are not completely convinced, have a look at the following highlights from the last two years. This will surely help you to make the right decision. See you in Kalmar!


1.   Hellner vs Musse

You can’t deny that Marcus Hellner looked a lot like Rocky Balboa when he ran in the steps of the marathon star Mustafa “Musse” Mohamed over the bridge during the premiere race in 2014. ”That was tough”, he said afterwards.

Marcus Hellner trying to catch Mustafa "Musse" Mohammed at Ölandsbron. Photo: Anders Neuman

Right after the bridge, Musse shifted up one gear and easily ran away from the rest of the field.


2.   The dog Arthur

The only participant on four legs was the dog Arthur. He took a nap right before the race and to get woken up by the start signal. He shaped up quite a bit after that and together with his master and team, he ran all the way to Öland…

The dog Arthur found the start wait too long and took a nap. Photo: Anders Neuman

..but once the start signal went off, he was ready to run! Quite a powernap, we say. Photo: Richard Ström


3.   Aron Anderson's victory

Last year, Aron Anderson became the only participant in a wheelchair to take a national victory. And - he did so in Kalmar! This year, he will compete down in Dubai. Of course, he will go for the win there again.

 The smile of a winner, with tired hands. Photo: Anders Neuman


4.   It never rains in Southern Sweden

The weather in Kalmar and on Öland has been impeccable and we just can’t see any reason why this would change. Ever.

It is always sunny on Ölandsbron. At least during Wings for Life World Run. Photo: Richard Ström

5.   Last but not least - the participation record of 2015!

Last year, as many as 2 322 participants ran in Sweden (the one dog not counted). This year, we will try to beat that record! This is what it looked like: