We organize an App Run in Hagaparken open for everyone who wants to run the Wings for Life World Run in Stockholm. That's one fantastic opportunity to compete side by side with other runners. The first step is to download and install the app. Here's more information on how it works

In order to participate you need to have the Wings for Life World Run App installed and run with your phone on you.

You can sign up for the Wings for Life World Run directly in the app. Starting fee is 20 EUR.

On race day the final countdown starts automatically in the app. The race starts at 13.00 Swedish time.

Once the race has started, you run until you get caught by a virtual Catcher Car - a moving finish line coming from behind.

This is how the app works step by step.

  1. Download ”Wings for Life World Run” in your app store.

  2. Start the app and sign up by clicking on the ”Register Now” button.

  3. Chose if you want to do an individual app run or join an organized app run.

  4. You can anytime change from one run to another or chose to join a team.

  5. You can join a team if you want or even start one of your own and invite your friends to join. You can do that by clicking on the + in the upper right corner.
    The members of a team don't necessarily need to run at the same location. After the race you can however see the joint performance (team positition and amount of kilometers run).

  6. På sin lagsida kan lagen även motivera andra att donera pengar till ryggmärgsforskningen – även dem som inte själva springer loppet.

  7. Once you've picked your run and decided whether you want to join a team, you can just wait for race day to come.
    There's a countdown on the app's landing page showing how much time is left until the start. On the actual race day, a white on red countdown is automatically starting.

  8. After the starting signal at 13.00 Swedish time - RUN! In the app you can see how far ahead of the Catcher Car you are and your average pace so far into the race as well as your race distance and time.

  9. After the race you can immediately see your result in the app.

  10. You can also see the distance you've covered on a 3D-map and share it on social media.