How to follow the race, Live!

On May 8th 2016, the whole world comes together for one run. From Lima to Los Angeles, Kalmar to Melbourne, in total over 100.000 athletes will walk and run side by side for those who can not. Wings for Life World Run Livestream brings you the global running spectacle directly to wherever you are- live and in full length.


Everything you need to be in the middle of the race and keep up with all of the action without actually participating, is a laptop, tablet or a smartphone. The Wings for Life World Run Live Experience page ( will make it possible for you to watch the global charity run in real time. 


What are the key features of the Live Experience page? 

Livestream: Of course, there's a livestream that makes it possible for you to follow the leader and see the most stunning images from the different races around the world. Whether it is at night in Australia or in the early morning hours in the US - with the Livestream you're close to everywhere.  


Pinboard: The pinboard makes it possible for you to get an overview over which runner who's managed to get the furthest, who's still in the race and who's already out. Search for your friends, celebrities and favorites to keep up with how they're doing.


The Social Wall: Here you find the best shots from the #WorldRun - directly uploaded by the participants on the track. Are you participating in the run? Don't forget the hashtag #WorldRun to have your pictures directly uploaded to our social media wall.


Live Results: Who is in the lead? Are my friends still in the race? How many runners are at the start and which country is actually in the lead globally? Follow the Catcher Car live and see how much advantage the lead runner has. With the map, everything is prepared and easy to understand graphically. 


Race statistics: Get information about the global weather, who's running at night and how many kilometers that has been run worldwide. You can also follow how many runners are still in front of the Catcher Car and how many are already out of the race.