Ramudden shows the way

The rental company Ramudden puts big efforts into the Wings for Life World Run in Kalmar: - "We chose the race as our health benefit program for this year because it fits everyone. The company covers all costs and so far, we’ve only gotten very positive feedback. Already 100 of our 150 employees have signed up", says CEO Hans-Olov Blom who even expects some late registrations. 

It is no coincidence though that Ramudden runs for those who can’t. Since three years back, the company has a partnership with Thomas Fogdö – the former slalom skier that after a training accident got paralyzed from his waist down. Ramudden is also partner to racing driver Micke Ohlsson and altogether, they came up with the initiative to participate in the Wings for Life World Run as the whole company. 


Healthy employees keep the company well

Health benefit programs has always been an important part of the company’s culture: - "Earlier we went skiing together up north and supported employees in their participations in Vasaloppet or Vätternrundan. We, however, felt that these efforts were too much of an elite thing, so we started to look for something broader that fits more people", explains Hans-Olov who has both run marathons as well as Lidingöloppet. He thinks that is a past experience though. – "My goal is to run farther than Jennifer", he adds with laughter.

Jennifer Pierre - his target person - is responsible for one of the company’s warehouses and also internally in charge for the Wings for Life World Run. She puts a lot of energy into their collective participation and could not agree more with what her boss has told us: - "We have only gotten very positive feedback for this initiative. It affects the health but also the atmosphere here at work in a good way. We have around twenty warehouses, spread out from Malmö to Luleå. People work with completely different tasks. Some are out on the roads lifting heavily while other mostly sit in front of the computer. Now they are training together."


Workout plan via Facebook

Local training activities are planned in a Facebook group. Every week, Jennifer puts out another challenge as for example to walk 5 km. People take pictures of themselves while conquering the challenges and upload their pictures as proof. There even is the chance to win a prize every week for those who completed a challenge. A health benefit program does not need to be more complicated than this.

Jennifer thinks that the staff is generally interested in sports and there are quite a few who already are regular runners. Jennifer herself wants to stay ahead of the Catcher Car for at least 18 km. We will see on the 8th of May who will manage to see more of Öland – Hans-Olov or Jennifer…

Either way, we at Wings for Life consider everyone at the starting line as winners and hope that Ramudden shows the way for many more companies to run for spinal cord injury research. Contact us at sweden@wingsforlifeworldrun.com if you want to sign up your company or in case of questions. We are happy to help.


About Ramudden

The company has a turnover of approximately 400 million SEK and about 200 employees in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Estonia. Ramudden supplies everything to increase safety in connection with work on and along the roads.