Run without finish back in Stockholm on May 5

On the first Sunday in May it’s again time for one of the world’s most inspiring running competitions. Thousands of runners around the world will run at the same time when the Wings for Life World Run is decided in synchronized events from Sydney to Calgary. This means that some will have to run in darkness while others face cold or rain. The race also lacks a specific distance.

Instead, participants run for as long as they can until a moving finishing line coming from behind catches them. In 2017 Aron Anderson from Sweden set the current record when he took the global victory after covering incredible 92,14 km in a standard wheelchair:

The international Wings for Life foundation whose only goal it is to find a cure for spinal cord injuries organizes the race. 100% of all entry fees therefore go to promising research projects in the field. The interest in the race has constantly grown since the start in 2014. Five race editions in more than 66 countries on all continents so far have attracted 500 000 runners in total.

In 2018 more than 100 000 registered participants took on the Wings for Life World Run. In the end it again was 29-year-old Aron Anderson to take home the victory, his second in a row.

This year’s Wings for Life World Run features twelve so called flagship runs as well as numerous more or less organized app runs where people can participate by using a smartphone. It also works to run individually at whatever location you are. It's fully up to you how you want to contribute:

No matter if you run at a well-organized flagship run or all by yourself in the woods, the race format is the same for everyone: 30 minutes after the global start a finish line starts to chase the runners from behind. This line can either be a real car or a virtual one in the app. Either way it will start slowly but get faster along the way as the pace goes up by a predefined schedule. Here you can see how fast you need to run to reach a certain distance:

The last male and female runner to be caught are declared global winners.  

Track in Hagaparken
An organized app run takes place in Stockholm. Runners compete on a track in Hagaparken – a signed loop of 5 km that features an energy station:

Once the finish line has caught a runner, the app will show rank, distance and time.

All races start at exactly 13.00 Swedish time on May 5, 2019.

Dowload the app to sign up!
The race app ”Wings for Life World Run” can be downloaded both for iOS and Android. It costs 20 EUR (ca. 200 kr) to be part. All entry fees go to spinal cord research.