The faces after the run

Exhaustion, strain, happiness, power, satisfaction, relief: Each face that photographer Thomas Stoeckli portrayed at the Wings for Life World Run 2015 shows another story of emotion and experience. But also a story of empathy.

All photos were taken in a fleeting moment, the moment the Catcher Car overtook the last runners and the race was over for them.

"I wanted to capture that precise instant", Stoeckli remembers, "when the tension dissipates, when concentration is ebbing away and when relief sets in."

For the runners themselves, the shoot was a new experience. One of the subjects is Matthias Luescher, who came in 7th. "In that tiny moment, you could probably have asked anything from me. When the Catcher Car passed me, I was just over the moon", Luescher says. "The photographer was the first person I could talk to – after three and a half hours. He got to feel the whole amount of my satisfaction. This was a great experience."














Everyone taking part in the Wings for Life World Run raises much-needed funds for spinal cord research worldwide. 100% of entry free go directly to research that hopes to put an end to debilitating spinal cord injury.