The Swedish winners have been crowned

The third edition of Wings for Life World Run is completed. More than 130'000 registered runners around the world ran for those who can not. In Sweden, Kalmar, 3'200 ran  the race and made a new participant record, and after 4 hours we had our Swedish winner at the distance 57,95km.

The two who managed to stay in front of Daniel Tynell and the catcher car was Pétur Bjarnason and Linnea Winberg, who can now call themselves winners of the Swedish edition of Wings for Life World Run. 

After running for 3 hours and 3 minutes along the west coast, Linnea finally finished with an impressive 40.14 kilometers.


On a global level managed The Italian Giorgio Calcaterra at home totally crushing the last World Run record of 8.5 km and takes title as winner of the Global Framework Lemma Ketema who won the first two years. Laori Yoshida was superior on the women's side and ran seemingly easy home victory in the global 65,71km in Japan and pitched with also a record for the competition!


Results Wings for Life World Run 2016:


Sweden - Men

1) Pétur Bjørnson (ISL) km, 57.95 (Venue ENG)

2) Emil Svensson (SWE) km, 51.99 (Venue ENG)

3) Fredrik Eriksson (SWE) km, 51.42 (Venue ENG)


Sweden - Women

1) Linnea Winberg (SWE) km, 40.14 (Venue ENG)

2) Amelie Sjöholm (SWE) km, 35.95 (Venue ENG)

3) Erika Lind Sheet (SWE) km, 35.55 (Venue ENG)


Global - Men

1) Giorgio Calcaterra (ITA), km 88.44 (Venue ITA)

2) Bartosz Olszewski (POL) km, 82.42 (Venue CAN)

3) Francisco Morales (CHI) km, 75.47 (Venue CHI)


Global - Women

1) Laori Yoshida (JPN) km, 65.71 (venue JPN)

2) Karin Freitag (AU) km, 59.08 (Venue Ger)

3) Vera Nunes (POR) km, 58.86 (Venue POR)