Towards this year’s highlight

Last year, the rental company Ramudden made the Swedish leg of the Wings for Life World Run the company’s health benefit program for all staff. Now they follow this track and keep on pushing for their wellness and the race in Kalmar: “It’s going to be our highlight of the year. We’ll be coming down with more than 100 persons and plan our conferences around it”, says Jennifer Pierre, newly graduated health coach who started to work full-time with the internal “Passion for Health” program.


”The Wings for Life World Run is the red thread throughout what we do in this aspect”, she explains and continues: ”Also because we work out in the traffic, where accidents every year cause numbers of new spinal cord injuries.”  Since a couple of years back, the company also has a partnership with Thomas Fogdö, the former slalom skier that after a training accident got paralyzed from his waist down. “He’s going to lecture on the night before the race”, Jennifer reveals.

But the goal with “Passion for Health” is more comprehensive than that. The whole workforce is supposed to become more vital, healthier and happier. “We believe a lot in the process we’ve started last year because the staff is our single most important resource.”

One can hear that Jennifer likes this process of change and confirms that a lot has happened since last year’s race. She got educated as a health coach and nowadays mostly travels between the company’s different warehouses to consult fellow employees in nutrition and training. She sets up training plans for colleagues that want to train beyond the weekly job hour that everybody can use for working out. “Nobody gets forced. This is more of an additional benefit, a appreciated one though”, Jennifer explains and states that the joint participation in the Wings for Life World Run had a positive effect on the atmosphere on the job.

”One fantastic advantage of the race is that it fits everyone. Many like the fact that it’s fun to participate in something without specific performance goals. Then again, you always have those who want to compete”, says Jennifer. She seems to be part of the latter group. Her goal for this year is to run around 17 km as she hopes to beat the company’s CEO Hans-Olov Blom who outran her by 4 km last year. “I’ve trained a lot of endurance since that happened and I’ve already beaten him at Lidingöloppet”, she laughs.

We’ll see on May 7 who laughs last. Do you want your whole company to run for those who can’t? Get in touch, we’re more than happy to help!


About Ramudden

The company has a turnover of approximately 500 million SEK and about 200 employees in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Estonia. Ramudden supplies everything to increase safety in connection with work on and along the roads.

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