Week 2

We're already moving on to week 2 of our 12 Weeks Challenge. To get the most out of your workout you need to eat right, so beside from a training session Runacademy want to share on of their favorite recipe.


Warm-up: 7-minutes easy jogging. 

Dynamic movement: Triangle, triangle sideways, big and slow kicks


Run technique exercises: Tripping to high knees, butt kick,


high knees forward and out to the side (just follow this guys lead with "perfect" style).

Each run technique exercise, we run 2 times-20 m away with jogging back.


Two Coordination runs: About 60-80m where you run a little faster, but keep relaxed and focused on the technique.

Quality part: MONEGHETTI INTERVALS. Short intervals in order to get up a little higher speed and work with high heart rate during short and fast intervals.

(Curiosities: named after the Australian long distance runner Sebastian Moneghetti who became successful among others thanks to the fact that he often ran this type of intervals)

Rest between every interval. 4 times 90s run with 90s rest between, 4 times 60s with 60s rest between, 4 times 30s with 30s rest between, 4 times 15s with 15s rest between.

Rest as long as one runs and as the intervals become shorter and shorter as you should try to increase the tempo after each interval.

Cool down for 5-10 minutes jogging and stretching exercises (front and back of the thigh, gluteal muscles and the calves)

Since we have focus on healthy food this week Therese from Runacademy share on of her favorite recipe Vegetarian Bolognesen. It is a simple dish that gives both carbs, protein and good fat. Serve it with dark green lettuce leaves (spinach, rocket, etc.) for an extra boost of antioxidants.

This is what you need:
300 g of Quorn
1 dl (lactose-free) Turkish yoghurt
1 can of crushed tomatoes
1 dl red wine/cooking wine
1 vegetable stock cube
black pepper, chili pepper, white pepper, thyme, basil, tarragon, mint, white pepper
1 tbsp honey
4-5 garlic cloves

Do like this:
Fry the quorn in oil and throw in the garlic, add the spices and the stock cube and wine, simmer for 5 minutes. Stir occasionally. Add the yogurt and let simmer for another 5 minutes. Add honey and crushed tomatoes. Cook over low heat with a lid on for 35-40 minutes. Serve with freshly cooked pasta (preferably whole grains. Bean paste in the image), parmesan cheese and a green salad.