Wings for Life World Run 2017 is in the history books!

A Swedish global winner and a new world record. A Swedish track record and a third straight win in Mexico. 2017 became a Wings for Life World Run we will never forget.


Over 150,000 participants had signed up for the race, and after a hard fight in desert heat Swedish wheelchair adventurer and SVT profile Aron Anderson didn't only win the Dubai race - he also became the global winner. Putting 92.14 kilometers behind him in a standard wheelchair, he succeeded to beat the international world stars in ultra running, while setting a new world record for Wings for Life World Run. Polos Bartosz Olszewski in Milan ran the farthest and with his 88,06 km it placed him second globally.

The global women's class was won by Polish Dominika Stelmach who ran 68.21km in Santiago, Chile.


At home in Kalmar, new track records were achieved in both the men's and women's class. Elov Olsson, with his 75.5 kilometers ended 8th globally and Sophie Sundberg beat the previous Swedish record in the women's class by 10.05km when she got caught by the catcher car after 55.29km.


Elov said this after his Swedish victory: 

"The run has been quite comfortable. I started the race with a 3:50 pace and aimed to keep it for as long as possible. It was just to struggle on when I felt that the strength not really was there. It feels good. "


In Dubai, Aron Anderson chose to aim for a global victory. He quickly took command of the race and was in the global top contest throughout the whole competition, but Lemawork Ketema gave him a challenge. He competed in Austria and has won Wings for Life World Run twice.


At the same time, ultra runner Frida Södermark managed to win her third national victory in Mexico after winning in Sweden 2015 and in Chile in 2016. Frida started quietly, but managed to get into the race to take over the lead and got caught after 47.62 kilometers.