Life Changes in a Heartbeat

Annette Ross is just one of people we’re running for, the people whose lives changed in a moment. But the thing with spinal cord injury is that it could happen to each and every one of us at any time. A wrong step. An awkward fall. A car accident.


Every year, at least 250,000 people suffer a traumatic spinal cord injury, adding to millions of patients who already live a life very different to the one they started with. Every single one of them has a dream: to be independent, to walk again, to have the use of their hands.

And Annette Ross? "I want to take a walk with my husband ... simple."


Annette was injured by an epidural when she gave birth to her second daughter in 2000.

"It was like a dagger to me -- it was so surreal that it was actually happening to me"

For Annette "science is hope", which is why we're running on May 8. Wings for Life funds cutting edge spinal cord research with one goal in mind: to find a cure for spinal cord injury. All entry fees and donations made though the Wings for Life World Run go directly to supporting research and making that goal a reality.


Register for any of the 34 locations worldwide and make a difference.