3,000-times thank you!

3,000-times thank you!


On Sunday, 8 May 2016, the whole world ran for those who can’t for the third time. The Run in Ljubljana was sold out and at 11am UTC 3,000 happy faces took off from the start line.


During the Run, the weather conditions changed from sunny and warm to storm and cold, but this was no obstacle for the runners. This year, the best male runner was Vid Senica who successfully ran away from the Catcher Car Renault Kadjar until 64.58km.


The result was a surprise to me. I expected to be among the top 5. I’m not sure how I’ve made it. It was definitely my day! - Vid Senica


The best female runner was Lucija Krkoč who was caught at 50.84km.


I was relaxed at start and wasn’t hoping for a great result due to an injury. The rain actually saved me, as I had a crisis between 20km and 25km. - Lucija Krkoč


This year’s global champion was the Italian Giorgio Calcaterra who become the first runner in the history of the race to break 80km, finishing at 88.44km. The best female was Japan’s Kaori Yoshida who was the first woman to break 60km and finished at 65.71km.


May 8 was another incredible day, full of emotions and good vibes.


Thank you all who ran and contributed to the research seeking the cure for spinal cord injuries!


You can already apply to the Wings for Life World Run 2017, taking place on 7 May 2017, here.

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