DIY Sports drink, Part 2

DIY sports drink, Part 2

Sports drinks are easy to make at home, using the ingredients you already have in the kitchen. All you need is water, sugar and cooking salt.

For an isotonic drink, put 60-80 grams of sugar and ½ teaspoon (1-2 grams) of (Himalayan) salt in a one litre dish, and fill it up with water until you reach one litre. Mix until salt and sugar dissolve. To enhance flavour, instead of sugar, add around 600 ml of orange juice, preferably freshly squeezed. In this case add only 400 ml of water.

Hypotonic drink is prepared the same way as an isotonic one, whereby the content of sugar is reduced to 30-40 grams per litre, or the orange juice is reduced to 300-400 ml.

For a hypertonic drink, simply drink freshly squeezed orange juice that mixes well with carrot juice in the 1:1 proportion. In case of stomach issues, it's wise to add some ginger. Such fruit and vegetable juice has much greater nutritional value than commercial sports drinks, particularly if freshly prepared using biologically grown ingredients.

Of course, you need to be careful when drinking sports drinks, as our body already contains sufficient sugar, as well as minerals.  For shorter training sessions, lasting up to 1 hour (regardless of the temperature), drinking normal water should be enough, and a lot of fresh vegetables after the training session!