Grilo on the way to achieving his New Year's resolution

Marko Grilc suffered the spinal injury, but luckily not the permanently disabling one.  He is already looking forward to new goals, although the rehabilitation is going to take a long time. For this reason, his first goal in 2017 is not returning onto the snow and taking part in snowboard competitions, this time he decided to direct all his efforts towards improving last year’s running result on the Wings for Life World Run – a fundraising competition with a slogan: “Running for those who can’t.”

Marko is well aware that his injury has been a blessing in disguise for he could have ended up in a wheelchair, as happened to many others with similar injures.

Marko, in cooperation with Adriatic Slovenica and the Clinic Zdravje AS, has started the rehabilitation very actively. Accompanied by cameras, he recently visited the physiologist Jure Bornšek, who is working at the Clinic Zdravje AS.


Just before watching the video, Marko would like to invite you to the Wings for Life World Run!

Join the Team AS and run together with Marko. All the Team AS runners will get a running shirt, and the best 50 runners will be rewarded with a voucher worth 40 EUR to the use of the services provided by the the Clinic Zdravje AS.