Interview with the winner: Running during winter

Eva Zorman, 21-year-old student of Medicine, won at the Wings for Life World Run in Ljubljana in 2017 (40km), and at the Run in Brazil in 2018 (48km). She is definitely the right person when looking for running tips.

Pros and cons for running in cold weather?

Running in cold weather boosts our immune system and clears our mind. But if we exaggerate, we might catch a cold, or even pneumonia. There is also a risk of injuries – we should pay special attention to the terrain (e.g. tree roots covered in snow), and take time for appropriate warm-up.

What should we wear? 

Dress in layers – in this way, the body keeps enough body warmth to function optimally. Functional, sporting clothing is better than cotton one, as it dries faster. Don't forget wind- and water-proof clothing, and wear a cap, gloves, buff and gaiters.  

How can we motivate ourselves to go running in cold weather?

Just think of your goals for the next season, and the pleasant feeling of satisfaction after the run. Or simply enjoy the beautiful winter scenery.

Will join Wings for Life World Run also this year? 

Yes, I will run in Taiwan. The weather will be neither too cold nor too hot, as the start is at 7pm local time.