Introducing: female winner in Ljubljana

19-year-old Eva Zorman, the female winner of this year’s run in Ljubljana, comes from Slovenj Gradec, from a sport family. She studies medicine in Maribor, and likes to spend her free time in nature, with her dog Iskra. She enjoys hanging out with friends, reading good books and playing guitar.


Why did you decide to run at Wings for Life World Run?

The main reason was definitely the good cause. In addition to that, I also found this run a challenge in terms of number of covered kilometers.


What does it feel like to win?

It is a new amazing experience, giving me motivation for the future.


As a winner you get to choose the location for Wings for Life World Run 2018. Do you already know where you’d like to run?

No, not yet, although I find Australia or South America attractive.


Your motto?

Aspire to inspire before we expire.

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