My New Year's resolution: Run my first half marathon

Soon after I had started with running, I committed to a New Year’s resolution – to run my first half marathon. Maybe I was “drunk” by endorphins released during running, still I made this decision.


Are you very busy with work and family commitments, and unable to find the time for sports activities?

I am Natalija Pavlič, author of the book, Tekaški dnevnik čisto navadne gospodinje (Jogging Diary of a Completely Regular Housewife). In cooperation with the AS Club, I will introduce my jogging story in order to encourage you to do something positive for yourselves and thus strengthen your body and improve your wellbeing.

I am a nurse by profession, working at Ljubljana Psychiatric Hospital. Since I am frequently free during the week due to the three shift work schedule, I took up running a few years ago as a complete beginner in sports. Recreation was my getaway from all the obligations and an opportunity to have some time to myself. Through my written experiences, I will motivate and encourage you to try as well. So, I invite you to read my stories.

How I started jogging

I have a proven recipe for you that I have tested on myself as a person with some 40 plus years of experience: have a go several times for short intervals and persist until you feel rapture over the fact that you have actually made your blood course through your body, aired out your lungs and awoken muscles that were almost atrophied. What follows next is the IT state, which we women tend to avoid – we are all of a sudden pleased with ourselves and even with our loved ones. Perhaps, after a substantial period of sweating, we become more like men and we no longer remember that all family and global problems have to be addressed concretely?

What about this year? I am determined to run at the Wings For Life World Run in Ljubljana. I haven’t yet run at that event. I will join a good team with a lot of positive energy, the AS Team. That would be a change for me – to run in “our” team. Tempting?

Muster up the courage and apply for the Wings For Life World Run, taking place on 7 May 2017 in Ljubljana. I'll be there too.


We have a jogging T-shirt for you and a useful gift for sports activities.

Once your payment is registered, apply for the AS Team and write to


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