Record-breaking 4th edition!

This year’s fourth edition of the Wings for Life World Run broke new records! In 58 countries and on 111 locations, more than 155 thousand people competed for those who can’t. The magical 90 km mark was reached, and for the first time ever the global winner title went to a man in a wheelchair!


In Slovenia, almost 4,000 competitors gathered at the start at the Congress Square in Ljubljana. Despite the sunny start, heavy storm with a bit of hail awaited the runners at around 15km, near Domžale. The bad weather caught Borut Pahor, the Honorary Patron of the Run and the only president in the world who actively participated in the Run.


In the male challenge, the local winner was the Russian Ivan Motorin who covered 62.13km, followed by the Slovenian Ironman David Pleše (60.42km):


I really liked the Russian’s rhythm, and thus my run in the first part was excellent. But then, after 40km, I suffered a lot. He then fell behind, and I continued in my rhythm, but I got cramps at 55km, and I had to stop two times to relax my calf muscles. Motorin caught up, passed me, and I couldn’t follow him anymore. Nevertheless, I’m happy with the Run and my result, it was a great training session for me.



The local female winner became the 19-year-old Eva Zorman who competed at the “Tek trojk” (Three member team run) a day before the Run, and did therefore not count on a great result. She ran as she felt, and did not stress over the speed of the Catcher Car or calculation of the best result possible (40.11km). 


All I know is, I passed quite a few girls, and then all of a sudden, there was no girl left in front of me, only boys. At around 35km I had a small crisis, and I wanted to stop and wait for the Catcher Car, but the crowd cheered for me, saying I should not give up ... and I didn’t.



On the global scale, the title of the global winner of the Wings for Life World Run went to a competitor in a wheelchair. Aron Anderson from Sweden beat all the competitors on the Dubai track, and covered 92.14km in a classic wheelchair, using only his hands. The fastest among the male runners was Bartosz Olszewski from Poland who was caught in Milan after 88.06km. The best female runner was Dominika Stelmach, also from Poland, who covered 68.21km in Chile.


This year, the competitors raised in total EUR 6.8 million, and covered 1,431,193 kilometres.


May 7 was another incredible day, full of emotions and good vibes.


Thank you all who ran and contributed to the research seeking the cure for spinal cord injuries!


You can already apply to the Wings for Life World Run 2018, taking place on 6 May 2018, here.