Be part of the unique global movement, Wings for Life World Run, and on May 6, 2018, together with the whole world run for those who can’t.

What’s new in 2018?

Less event locations and more Organized App Runs. Why? To enable even more people to join the global movement and make spinal cord injuries curable.

The flow of the Organized App Runs is the same as in case of event locations – everyone starts at the same time, i.e. 11am UTC, and instead of real Catcher Cars there will be virtual Catcher Cars chasing the runners who are using the mobile app.  As there will be several Organized App Runs available, the mobile app users can opt between running alone on their favourite track and joining one of the organized runs with pre-defined track.

The Run is open to everyone, no running experience is necessary.

Apply here and spread the word!

See you on May 8, 2018!