Why will you run on May 5, 2019? To support the good cause? To challenge yourself? To have fun with your friends?


Read below the reasons to run of our top athletes:


Matjaž Klemenčič, hang gliding

"One of my close friends is in a wheelchair, and that’s why my motivation to run is even bigger, as I would really like to see him walk again."


David Pleše, triathlon, Ironman

"I simply love running. It is so natural, and there are so many benefits, both physically and psychically. I’ve been attending this Run to help others. I run for those who can’t, and help collect as many funds as possible to enable people to walk, or run, with us again."


Manca Notar, SUP

"I run because this is the moment when you can help those whose entire life was changed in a moment. I’m really looking forward to it."


Peter Kauzer, kayak

"I run because I can, I run to clear my head and thoughts. I believe everyone should have the possibility to run and walk. Let’s help those who cannot do this, and make another step toward finding the cure."


Domen Škofic, climbing

"I do not run that often, as I mostly climb. But I have been running at Wings for Life World Run every year, hoping that one day the spinal cord injury will be curable."


What is your reason to run?


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