Tips for the best results

On Sunday, May 6, the whole world will run as one for those who can’t. Do you wish to achieve the best possible result? Listen to the tips of the experts!


Colin Jackson, the Sports Director of the Run, shares his tips to improve the running technique.

“Don’t go off too hard at the start and try to run at the same speed throughout the race, which you can do by focusing on your arms. Keep your arm carriage – how you swing them – low and loose. Stay as relaxed as you can, and it’ll help you hold a steady pace.”

 “As the Catcher Car approaches in the distance, you don’t break into an instant sprint; you can increase your pace by swinging your arms faster, which will help to lengthen your stride, meaning you’ll be covering more ground,” adds Colin who visited Ljubljana in 2015. “You should only start sprinting when you can hear the Catcher Car is very close to you. Don’t look behind you! Keep your focus in front and run as hard as you can.”


British TV presenter and endurance racing experts Charlie Webster reveals that you need to set small goals.

 „Instead of thinking that the Catcher Car's nowhere near you and that you've got at least another 2km until it comes, set small goals. Think of just getting to that next tree, or that next bench, or that next crowd of people.”

“if you think you need to stop, count to 20 and see how you feel, and you'll have gone a bit further. Then count to 20 again. 'Oh, I've done it, maybe I can go another 20'.”

One of the strongest motivators is undoubtedly music. It helps to regulate pace, and increase a runner’s efficient use of oxygen. It can actually block signals that the body is trying to send to the brain, like tension and fatigue, whilst boosting the “positive” feelings like happiness and invigoration. Try our playlist now:

On Sunday, join the organized App Runs in Brdo pri Kranju, Maribor or Rače.

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