Get to know the Wings for Life World Run Ambassadors

Romana Komarnaňská

Running is my passion. It builds my character and it makes me a more humble human being. There are those who do not have the privilege to feel this way and that is why I run, so we can all one day stand together at the start line.

Marián Ligda

I’m supporting Wings for Life World Run mainly because of its idea of walking again.

Lindsey Vonn

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Adam Žampa

I'm happy to support this great project and get a chance to run together with my girlfriend. The finish line idea with catcher car behind your back is great motivation and it makes you run even faster.

Zuzana Vráblová

Surely, I am not the best runner but thanks to the idea of Wings for Life World Run, I have a chance to spread such an important message: it is not about how many kilometers you make, it is about who you help.


I run because I want to be strong and beautiful and of course because I want to help support the main aim of the run . It’s a great way for me and the comunity to help those who are not able to stand at the start line.

David Coulthard

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Filip Tůma

I always run only once per year. And that I do ONLY for Wings for Life World Run.

Jana Dukátová

My life is revolved around sports and motion. However, I'm aware of the countless number of people out there who aren't even able to walk. I believe that this can be changed and for this reason I've been participating in this project since its start.

Colin Jackson

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Filip Šebo

Running is maybe my second favorite activity after sleeping, so if I can help somebody by running, I like it twice as much!

Jakub Grigar

Motion is all I have to me. I can not imagine how could I work without the ability to move, to stand up and walk, to bike in the mountains or to run.

Matej „Sajfa“ Cifra

I run because running is fun and it clears my head. It’s a nice feeling when running serves a great cause such is this one.

Ivan Jakeš

It doesn’t take much for life to turn around. That’s why I’m here for those who can’t run.

Petra Fašungová

Running is my life and I really couldn’t imagine my life without it. And that's why I’ll run at Wings for Life World Run for those, who can’t. I hope that by supporting this run, a dream of many people with spinal cord injury will come true one day.

Gabriel Švajda

Sadly, I know how it feels when your closest friends or family relatives cannot do sports. I have a relative like that. That is why I understand handicapped people to the fullest and I know what it takes. For them, I will do my best on 7. May.