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Get to know the Wings for Life World Run Ambassadors

Roy Tuscany

Chelsie Hill

I am honored and excited to be a part of a cause that is dedicated to changing the future of spinal cord injuries.

Cory Hahn

"To be able to see first hand so many people running for a cure to benefit people like myself who live with a spinal cord injury is truly humbling."

Aaron Baker

“Walking with so many individuals in support of research for spinal cord injuries is an incredible experience. It is a cause close to our hearts, and I’m honored to participate once again"

Colin Jackson

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Sean Swarner

The human body can live for roughly 30 days without food. The human condition can survive for about 3 days without water, but no human alive can live for more than 30 seconds without hope.

Tamara Mena

"Being able to participate in the run and finish brought me so much joy. I’m thrilled to be an Ambassador once again."

Brooke Thabit

The Wings for Life World Run event is one of the most positive, happy, energetic experiences and atmospheres I’ve ever been in. It feels like one giant family when you’re there.

Dustin Shillcox

“People from all over the world coming together for this cause is just the beginning. The fact that 100% of registration fees go to support funding research is truly an incredible thing toward progress, and together we’ll find a cure."

Kim Ocampo

This race unites strangers, family and friends for a good cause, to accomplish a goal together. That’s my favorite part – teamwork makes the dream work!

Manteo Mitchell

Everyone is running for one cause and one cause only — there’s research out there and there’s a cure out there, and we won’t stop running until we find it!

Arthur Renowitzky

I am extremely thrilled to be a Wings for Life ambassador for the simple reason; this cause brings hope to millions. My goal for the past decade has been to walk again. I know that joining Wings for Life will help make my dream come true.

Mike Shea

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Lindsey Vonn

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Tiphany Adams

We’re all so connected, and events like this bring people together for a cause that’s greater than one’s self.

David Coulthard

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Jesse Billauer

"I am confident that this event will continue to bring well deserved attention to spinal cord injures and highlight the amazing work that Wings for Life is doing to find a cure."
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