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10 Ways to Trick Your Friends Into Running

You’re signed up and ready to go, but you really want to run with your friends, right? Everything is more fun with your friends.

Here are ten ways you can cajole, convince, trick, encourage, entice your best buds to get out there with you. Not bullying at all, no.

1. The heavy-handed approach. Just sign them up and tell them they’re running. No choice.

2. The heavy-handed-but-wrapped-in-a-bow approach. Buy them a voucher and let them sign themselves up. Choice, but not much. And you get your own way!

3. The 3-year-old approach. Adapt the ‘are we there yet?’ question to ‘have you signed up yet?’, repeat over and over until they sign up just to shut you up.

4. The sly approach. Tell each of your friends individually that everyone else has already signed up and they’re the last one, and if they don’t hurry up, they might not get a spot. Panic!

5. The reverse-psychology approach. Tell your friend how you’re looking forward to running whether they join you or not. It would be amazing to have them there, but you don’t want to pressure them. If they don’t feel they’re ready to run for an hour, that’s OK. Maybe you’ll ask another friend instead.

6. The competitive approach. Keep your friends updated with how well your training is doing, and how you reckon you’ll be able to run so much further than you usually do on May 3.

7. The icon approach. Find out which big names are running on the track you’ve signed up for and paint a picture of how it would be to run behind, next to or in front of that person. Dream together about being caught by the Catcher Car with your icon – that should do it!

8. The silent approach. Ask them why they haven’t signed up yet, then go quiet as they talk themselves into realising their reasons are pretty rubbish, and talk themselves into running.

9. The panic approach. Arrgh! ‘Quick’, tell them, ‘Taiwan and Austria have sold out already. If we don’t sign up soon, we’ll miss out, and I heard that last year was so much fun – I’d be gutted if we missed it again.’

10. The debunking approach. Listen CAREFULLY to each individual reason they give for not running, then respond, calmly and logically, to each reason with a solid counter argument. 

BONUS. The guilt approach. Show them videos of the people we’re running for, buy them some swish new running kit and tell them now is the time to step up and run for those who can’t.

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