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50 Days to Go: A Celebration

With 50 days to go until the most diverse race in the world gets underway at 11am UTC on May 3, 2015, here’s a celebration of the top 25 men and top 25 women who ran in 2014.

They ran in the dawn in northern America, the day in Europe or the night in Asia-Pacific. The flood of runners, sharing the same spirit, raced the morning star, ran by the light of the moon, sweated through the midday sun until the moving finish line, the Catcher Car, chased them down.

The Men

1 Lemawork Ketema ran in Austria and beat the second- and third-placed runners by a matter of metres in one of the most exciting long-distance-race finishes in history. Ketema’s 78.58km (48.83 miles) to Peruvian Quispe’s 78.49km (48.77 miles) and Ukrainian Glyva’s 78.40km (48.72 miles). It was nail-biting! Watch those last few minutes here 

2 Remigio Huaman Quispe PER Lima 78.49km (48.77 miles)

3 Evgenii Glyva UKR Donautal 78.40km (48.72 miles).

4 Italy’s winner, Giorgio Calcaterra, ran in Verona and covered an amazing 72.96km (45.34 miles). In 2014, he was touted as a possible winner – he even set himself the goal of 90km! On May 3, he wants to cover 74km ... he’s definitely one to watch out for again.

5 Here’s how Britain’s Paul Martelletti felt when he finished his 69.37km (43.10 miles) at Silverstone.

The battle between Donautal and Verona was intense in the men’s race, with only Ypres and Stavanger getting a look in over 5km of winners:

6 Daniele Palladino ITA Verona 65.24km (40.54 miles)

7 Wouter Decock BEL Ypres 65.11km (40.46 miles)

8 Rainer Predl AUT Donautal 65.02km (40.40 miles)

9 Hermann Achmueller ITA Verona 64.07km (39.81 miles)

10 Wolfgang Wallner AUT Donautal 64.02km (39.78 miles)

11 Marco Boffo ITA Verona 63.95km (39.74 miles)

12 Svein Ove Risa NOR Stavanger 63.36 km (39.37 miles)

13 Christian Schmuck AUT Donautal 63.06km (39.18 miles)

14 Thomas Bosnjak AUT Donautal 61.24km (38.05 miles)

15 And here's Florian Grasel in Donautal having just pipped the 60k post at 60.01km (37.29 miles)

16 Another favourite, Coolboy Ngamole in a very wet Cape Town came in just shy of the 60km mark, BUT he appeared to learn to fly over his 59.88km (37.21 miles)



17 Triathlete David Plese took the Solvenian crown after covering 59.74km (37.12 miles) in Ljubljana. In October 2014, he announced he would run in a brand new Wings for Life World Run location: Japan.

18 Find out where France’s winner Thibaut Baronian (59.35km/ 36.88 miles) will head to for his May 3, 2015 race.  


19 Philipp Aigner AUT Donautal 59.08 36.71

20 Walter Rosinger AUT Ljubljana 58.92 36.61

21 Eugen Constantin ROU Bucharest 58.86 36.57

22 Calum Neff who started at 3am in St. Clarita, California, was caught by the Catcher Car at 58.52km (36.36 miles) and chose to run in Allanya, Turkey in 2015 because “It stood out to me as a place that would give me a lot of inspiration.” Nothing at all to do with the 2pm (local time) start. Nothing at all!

23 Stephen Courtney RSA Cape Town 58.27km (36.21 miles)

24 Paul Navesy GBR Silverstone 58.09km (36.10 miles)

25 Peruvian trail runner Emerson Trujillo Flores finished in Lima at 57.91km (35.98 miles)

Honorable mentions go to Matthew Reeve, son of Christopher Reeve, who stayed ahead of the Catcher Car in Silverstone for 17.8km, and to Hannes Kinigadner, son of the Wings for Life founder, who was the first person to ever be caught by the Catcher Car in the wheelchair race in Austria. See more about the man who inspired the Wings for Life foundation here: 



The Women 

1 Eighteen-year-old student Elise Molvik joined the Wings for Life World Run at the last minute, but went home Global Champion after running 54.79km (34.04 miles) in Stavanger, Norway.

2 Nathalie Vasseur FRA Hennebont 51.26km (31.85 miles)

3 Svetlana Shepeleva Elit MDA Alanya 48.29km (30.01 miles)

4 Mfunzi Ntombesintu RSA Cape Town 47.57km (29.56 miles)

5 Lea Bäuscher GER Darmstadt 46.23km (28.73 miles)

6 Haley Chura USA Sunrise 45.61km (28.34 miles)

What a race this was! 1 metre between the ladies in Silverstone, GB. 

7 Joanna Zakrzewski GBR Silverstone 45.39km (28.20 miles)

8 Edwina Sutton GBR Silverstone 45.38km (28.20 miles)

9 Maria Lundgren SWE Kalmar 45.24km (28.11 miles) was Sweden’s champion in 2014 and wants to push through to 50k on May 3, and this time, using her winner’s prize, she’ll run in the 40+ category in Cape Town.  

10 Daniela Ryf SUI Olten 44.44km (27.61 miles)

Before May 4, 2014, many people speculated that Barcelona would be one of the most successful tracks – and for this troupe of winning women, who finished within 50 metres of each other, the downhill track worked wonders. Everyone in Spain is heading for Aranjuez, Madrid for May 3, 2015 for a beautiful #WorldRun and some rather lovely strawberries.

11 Miriam Garcia Heredia ESP Barcelona 42.91km (26.66 miles)

12 Federica Della Vecchia ITA Barcelona 42.87km (26.64 miles)

13 Julia Koch Andrews USA Sunrise 42.70km (26.53 miles)

14 Elisabetta Todesco ITA Barcelona 42.62km (26.48 miles)

15 Lynsey Cruden GBR Barcelona 42.49km (26.40 miles)

16 Master’s student, American Kimberly Remine ran 41.02km (25.49 miles) in Zadar, Croatia. “I'd never run further than 21 kilometres, so my plan was to run that much, but the energy and the smiling people and the cause of the race itself kept me going, and going. At one point someone told me I was the last girl in Croatia, so I just kept going until the car caught me. I was really relaxed.”

17 Ayde Quispe Ortiz PER Lima 40.83km (25.37 miles)

18 Siv Persson SWE Kalmar 40.82km (25.36 miles)

19 Melissa Venables GBR Silverstone 40.79km (25.35 miles)

20 Christine Tarbis covered 40.47km (25.15 miles) in beautiful Hennebont.

Rouen takes over as the official location for the 2015 #WorldRun

21 Elise Hay Opsahl NOR Stavanger 40.20km (24.98 miles)

22 Ornella Poltéra SUI Olten 40.12km (24.93 miles)

23 Ida Siobhan Svendsen NOR Stavanger 39.89km (24.79 miles)

24 Jana Zatlukalová seemed fresh as a daisy when the Catcher Car caught her in Bratislava after 39.26km (24.39 miles). She’ll join 15 other national champions running into the night on May 3, starting at 9pm local time in Melbourne

25 And last but by absolutely no means least, Liliana Maria Danci enjoyed the incredible Romanian countryside before she was made national champion at 39.03km (24.25 miles) in Bucharest. In 2015, she’ll run in Bucharest again, this time she has her eyes on a 45km goal.




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