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Aaron Baker: Always Pushing Forward

Diagnosed as a quadriplegic after a motocross crash in 1999, Aaron Baker refused to accept that was his fate. Through the support of his family and a monumental effort put forth by himself, he's been able to make incredible progress, and today he can walk and do many other things doctors initially said he would never manage to do again.

Baker has been a Wings for Life World Run ambassador since the beginning, but it's not all he does for the cause. He co-founded C.O.R.E. Centers (Center of Restorative Exercise) to help people dealing with similar injuries continue effective therapy after traditional coverage runs out. Baker has inspired countless people to make their own pushes forward as well.

Join Baker's C.O.R.E. Centers team in Santa Clarita – 100% of your entry fee will go directly to spinal cord injury research, so you'll be doing your part to help find a cure.

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