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Ambassador Stories: Meet Aaron Baker

Aaron Baker was a world-class professional motocross racer until a catastrophic crash changed his life. Deemed a complete quadriplegic after a training accident in 1999, he was given a one in a million chance of ever being able to feed himself again. Fifteen years later, Baker lives a life that few medical professionals ever would have believed possible. He is now fully independent, walking only with a single point cane, and accomplishing huge feats of physical and mental endurance. From pedaling his own bike across the country, to racing in the USA Paralympic program, and independently walking 20 miles across Death Valley, Aaron’s incredible drive and commitment to his rehabilitation inspires people around the world and proves that the human spirit is a force of limitless power.


On a mission to make Baker’s opportunity for recovery the rule instead of the exception, he, his mother Laquita, and clinical exercise physiologist Taylor Kevin-Issacs, have opened a state-of-the-art facility in Northridge that specializes in the one in five Americans who experience some form of disabling condition. Bridging the gap between physical therapy and independent fitness, the Center of Restorative Exercise (C.O.R.E.) provides special need individuals the benefits of ongoing restorative exercise and works daily to improve their functional movement and independent skills.


“Walking with so many individuals in support of research for spinal cord injuries is an incredible experience. It is a cause close to our hearts, and I’m honored to participate once again,” Baker said.


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