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Ambassador Stories: Meet Tamara Mena

In October of 2005, Tamara and her long-time boyfriend, Patrick, decided to take a short trip to Rosarito, Mexico from San Diego.  To avoid drinking and driving, they hopped in a taxi to be safe.  Just a few miles from their destination, the taxi struck something in the road and Patrick instinctively used his arms to push her head down for protection. They had collided with a horse, which ended up landing on top of the car, killing both Patrick and the driver. Tamara's life was spared thanks to Patrick, but she suffered a spinal cord injury that left her unable to communicate for months due to her lungs collapsing as well as several other fractures. Now a model, motivational speaker and a true survivor, Tamara has a passion for sharing her story to help inspire others to go after their dreams and appreciate life.


“I'm passionate about making a difference and leaving a mark in this world,” Mena said.  “I'm thrilled I joined this cause because the Wings for Life World Run is making a difference all around the globe!  As a person living with a spinal cord injury, I'm very thankful that something of this magnitude is being done to support research. Being a Wings for Life World Run Ambassador with the ability to share this message in both English and Spanish means the world to me. I have a passion to use my voice to make a difference, especially after losing the ability to communicate for two months after my accident.


Being able to participate in the run last year and finish brought me so much joy. In 2015, I hope to surpass the 3.08 miles I was able to accomplish last year and I’m thrilled to be an Ambassador once again.”


Join Tamara and Llega Lejos con Tamara Mena here!

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