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Cory Hahn Shares His Story on The Players’ Tribune

Cory Hahn has been an ambassador for Wings for Life World Run since the first event in 2014, and like all of our ambassadors, he spreads awareness of the issues surrounding spinal cord injury and helps raise funds to find a cure. His latest effort to do so appears on The Players’ Tribune and we may be a bit biased, but it’s a must-read for sure.

For people who have not endured spinal cord injuries or don’t have someone in their life who has, the depth of the effects of the injury are unknown. They see someone in a wheelchair and focus solely on the fact that they can’t walk, but there is so much more to the story. Every aspect of the lives of people with spinal cord injuries is drastically affected. And every single thing that the rest of us can do to help further spinal cord injury research is crucial.

Hahn, a promising baseball player firmly on the road to becoming a professional, was paralyzed in the third game of his freshman season at Arizona State University. His words help us understand what he went through to return to life as a college student, a participant in the world of baseball, and beyond.

“I spent 75 days in inpatient recovery and completed countless hours of physical therapy,” Hahn writes in his article on The Players’ Tribune. “As you can imagine, once out of the hospital, my parents were reluctant to send me back to Arizona State. They didn’t want to see their child fail. And man, there was a very distinct possibility that failure was in my future.

“But the thing is, I needed to get back to school. Think about this — a 19-year-old kid, who had already gotten a taste of college, living at home with his parents. “Stir crazy” doesn’t really do it justice. But more than that, there was no way that I was going to let my situation dictate my outlook going forward. There was a moment where I realized that I could either sit in my house and feel sorry for myself for the rest of my life, or I could make something of my life. I was going to get a degree from Arizona State. No one was going to tell me otherwise, and no injury was going to get in my way.”

Read Cory’s full piece on The Players’ Tribune, and if you haven’t already signed up to participate in Wings for Life World Run in events in Santa Clarita, California, or Sunrise, Florida, there’s still time to register in person. If you’re not near those locations, you have the option to take part wherever you are via the Selfie Run app. Please take part and help find a cure for spinal cord injury — 100% of your entry fee goes directly to funding research.

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