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The Wings for Life World Run is more than just a run. It’s something that drives runners of all abilities around the world to join forces on May 3, 2015.

But as with all things that take a little effort, sometimes it’s nice to get a little help from a friend. We’ll call that friend your wingman. Find out what it’s all about below:


What is your wingman?

A real-life training partner, randomly selected, connected through Twitter. You and your wingman can encourage, cajole and share tips with each other.


How do I get my wingman?

Put your name down for a wingman NOW.


Will my wingman be much better than me at running?

No, you can enter your target distance, so you can be paired with someone of similar ability.


When can I sign up?

Now! On March 16, you’ll connect with your wingman. If you ask for a wingman after March 16, you’ll be automatically connected immediately.


How do I contact my wingman?

A tweet from the Wings for Life World Run Twitter account will put you in touch “@Chris @Steve you’re #WorldRunWingman partners. Good luck in your #WorldRun training!”


Could my wingman be someone famous?

Absolutely! It could be anyone from anywhere.


We’ll check in on you from time to time to see how you’re doing, but your Wings for Life World Run wingman will get you flying and take you to places you never believed you could go.

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