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Kris Bryant Announces Auction of Wings for Life-Inspired Cleats

National League MVP and World Series hero Kris Bryant recently shined a light on spinal cord injury (SCI) research by having three respected Chicago street artists design three distinct pairs of Adidas Energy Boost Icon 3 baseball cleats for him to wear for “Players Weekend,” a holiday Major League Baseball celebrated Aug. 25-27, 2017 to allow players to customize what they wear in games.

Now, those three pairs of cleats are being auctioned to support spinal cord injury research through Charity Buzz, an online auction house that brings together hundreds of the world's most acclaimed celebrities, inspiring luminaries, and beloved brands to give fans unforgettable access to their interests and passions. Plus, every winning bid supports an incredible cause.

Go to to see and bid on Kris Bryant’s cleats!

Each pair was autographed by the artist and an official Major League Baseball hologram sticker is on the back of each cleat as the certificate of authenticity.

Bryant wore one pair per day against the Philadelphia Phillies over a three-day weekend and each pair had a theme of “Wings” to raise awareness for SCI research. The inside sole had the Wings for Life mark. Each pair also celebrated one of the three cities that have given Kris Bryant his wings in life - Las Vegas, San Diego and Chicago.

SCI is a cause near to Bryant because he is friends with Cory Hahn, a former All-American high school baseball player who was paralyzed sliding into 2nd base in 2011 while a freshman at Arizona State University. SCI also touched former Dodgers and Hall of Fame legend Roy Campanella, who fractured the fifth and sixth cervical vertebrae and compressed the spinal cord in a car accident in 1958. 


Original article about the cleats below:


Major League Baseball is celebrating “Players Weekend,” inviting players to customize what they wear in the upcoming weekend’s games around the country. This means alternate jerseys with nicknames and custom-designed equipment that shows a player’s personality.

In honor of the Wings for Life Foundation, which is dedicated to finding a cure for spinal cord injury, the Chicago Cubs’ Kris Bryant – reigning National League MVP and World Series hero – chose to shine a light on SCI research by allowing three Chicago street artists to customize three distinct pairs of Adidas Energy Boost Icon 3's with the theme of “Wings.”  He will wear one pair per day against the Philadelphia Phillies this weekend. He also plans to swap in “KB” for “Bryant” on the back of his weekend jerseys.

[DONATE NOW to Wings for Life to help find a cure for spinal cord injury.]

Bryant is friends with Cory Hahn (pictured below), a former All-American high school baseball player who was paralyzed sliding into second base in 2011.  SCI also touched former Dodgers and Hall of Fame legend Roy Campanella, who fractured his fifth and sixth cervical vertebrae and compressed his spinal cord in a car accident in 1958.

Baseball, Art and Wings

Three Chicago street artists customized Bryant’s cleats to tell a deeper story about his path to the big leagues via Las Vegas, San Diego and Chicago, weaving in the theme of “Wings.” The inside sole of the cleats have a special touch: a Wings for Life Foundation mark.

Here’s the game plan for the “Players Weekend” series:

Friday, August 25

To kick off the weekend, artist Joseph Perez – aka “Sentrock” – used inspiration from Bryant’s hometown of Las Vegas. 

“I knew a lot about Kris beforehand, so I mostly researched the Wings for Life Foundation, which he supports and is really doing inspiring work,” said Sentrock. “My motivation was to highlight the idea that when Kris is playing, he is in his wings. When I’m creating art, I’m finding my wings.”

To start, Sentrock always allows the visual vibes to speak to him, looking at the shoe / surface and seeing how to map out colors and the design. With the Las Vegas element, he added signature icons of playing cards.  The final cleats show a lot of raw paint splatters, drops and lines to communicate that there is no clear / safe approach, rather just going full force.

“I have done custom stuff, but NEVER something that would be worn during a game, which is wild to me.  I think it’s a really dope idea, an idea that is pushing the culture,” Sentrock continued.

“It’s a really well designed shoe and I didn’t want to drown out the original design, pattern cuts and colors. I tried to play off all those elements and look as if we merged the two cultures of street art and sports.

Saturday, August 26

Street artist JC Rivera took on the San Diego cleats, in honor of Bryant’s University of San Diego days when he became a nationally known name in the world of baseball. 

JC Rivera knew of Bryant already as a great baseball player and someone good for the Cubs and the community.  He had customized gear before, but not for an athlete.

“It’s exciting to know that Kris Bryant is going to wear them,” said Rivera.  I wanted to incorporate my bears and make it look like it was part of it. Representing Chicago and adding the touch about San Diego, which is where Kris went to college, is what inspired me in creating these.”

Sunday, August 27 

Artist Max Sansing, who was born in Chicago, has a history with Kris Bryant dating back to Summer 2016 when he collaborated on a stunning mural of the player that is still up in the heart of Chicago’s Wrigleyville.

As this would be the first time an athlete has worn Sansing’s design in athletic competition, he focused on highlighting Bryant’s love for Chicago, where he has put down roots and gotten married. Sansing used colors that he felt embodied the energy that swells up at Wrigley Field when Kris comes to bat. He wanted those Chicago blues to rise up to electric greens to give a dramatic feel to Kris in action.  He made sure the wings were prominent on the shoe, as well as the Chicago star as a badge of honor for Kris’ work on and off the field in the city.  

“I've never done this before, given that most of my art is large-scale, portrait based,” said Sansing. “I mainly looked up shoe styles that Kris has worn in the past and went ahead putting my spin on it.  It's already a beautiful shoe by Adidas Baseball and I didn't want to do anything to clash with its design. I wanted to tread the line of art and sports shoe design.” 

“I had the idea of waves of blues representing the people of Chicago supporting Kris, layering waves of spray paint and masking out the wings and color rays,” Sansing continued. “Keeping the masking tight and knowing when to stop adding color was the challenge. It's easy to go overboard.”

Wings for Life Foundation

Millions of people are currently dependent on a wheelchair after having sustained a spinal cord injury. Every year, at least 250,000 people sustain a spinal cord injury, followed by paralysis. The main causes are: 50% traffic accidents, 25% falls, 16% other (e.g. assault), 9% sports. To date, Wings for Life has funded 170 spinal cord research projects involving almost 500 scientists across 15 countries.

[Photos of cleats were taken by Oscar Castillo, founder of Modern Notoriety. Photo of Cory Hahn and Kris Bryant by Lear Miller.]




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