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Turbo Charge Your Training with World Run

The Wings for Life World Run attracts runners of all abilities — everyone has different goals, but it's not all about logging the most miles. With 100% of the entry fees going directly to fund spinal cord injury research, participating means you're helping others and contributing to efforts to find a cure.

The overwhelming atmosphere at a World Run event is joyous and fun, and the Catcher Car format challenges everyone to run, walk or roll as far as they can to their own unique finish line. There are some participants, however, who use their entry in the event to take their own training to the next level, knowing they have a goal in mind that's backed up by an incredible cause.

Cyclist Addison Zawada already uses running as part of his cross-training, and when the Wings for Life World Run comes around each year, he steps up his mileage to see how far he can push himself. Learn more about his approach below, and like he says, whether you run a half mile or 50 miles, you'll still win your own race and help others in the process.

Join Addison and sign up now for events in Sunrise, Florida, or in Santa Clarita, California, or even right where you are via the Selfie Run.

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