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World Run Champs Are Moms Too

When the Wings for Life World Run launched its inaugural event in 2014 with the innovative Catcher Car format, no one was quite sure what to expect from the moving finish line – and from themselves. Jeannie Rutherford started running in the Santa Clarita, California, location and when she was done, she had logged the most miles of all the female entrants, winning top honors on the day and a trip to the World Run location of her choice in 2015 (she chose Belgium). 

Rutherford's family was inspired by her accomplishment, and the World Run has since become an important part of their calendar. They'll be celebrating Mother's Day when Jeannie leaves the Santa Clarita starting gate at the 2016 event on May 8, no doubt motivating her to another stellar performance. Regardless of the miles, however, family will be the most important part of the day – whether it's the moms, dads, sons and daughters or our global family united in the drive to find a cure for spinal cord injury.

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