Wings for Life World Run ambassador - 'Super Piet'

'When bad things happen, it’s an opportunity to be great' - Pieter du Preez, C6 quad super athlete

@supapiet - His Twitter handle says it all. Pieter du Preez is something of a super athlete. The actuarial analyst from Johannesburg is a C6 Quad wheelchair racer and World Champion hand cyclist and, became the first quadriplegic athlete in the world to complete an Ironman and the IM70.3.

‘Super Piet’, will once again be at the Wings for Life World Run on Sunday 8 May, this is why:

If you knew the world would end tomorrow and you could have one last outing on the hand cycle, where would that be and why?
Any great destination in South Africa because I love my country. It’s the most beautiful in the world and the best World Run location!
Who would you run with?
My wife Illse and 'Piesang' our border collie.
What would your last meal be after?
My last meal will be a braai for sure, some boerewors, chops and pap!
Any motivational quotes or mantras you train by?
“When everyone is hurting in a race, the question is who can take the most hurt”
“When bad things happen, it’s an opportunity to be great”
“God created your life, Just Live It!”

What makes Wings for Life World Run a cause close to your heart?
I was cycling when a car hit me and left me C6 quadriplegic, which means I can only move my wrists, biceps, neck and shoulders. I know first-hand how spinal injury impacts an individual AND his family, friends and wider circle. Most people with these injuries really struggle – not just physically but mentally and spiritually too - and some never come to terms with their new way of living. Finding a cure to help these people in particular is incredibly close to my heart.

What is your distance goal for the day?
My priority is enjoying the day with those running for us and encouraging everyone on the road, so distance doesn’t matter too much. That said, I would like to improve on my 11-kilometres from last year.

If you could give runners on the day one tip, what would that be?
Watch out for the wheelchairs, we are coming for you. The catcher car is nothing to be scared of compared to us!

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